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Lipstick Makeup tips by Tanya!

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mac pink nouveau lipstick

The best way to get a great look with your lipstick is to start with well cared for lips. Keep them moist and supple. Have lip balm handy to make sure you can keep your lips moist and protected throughout the day.

mac lipstick

When creating a focus on your lips it is esstential to line around the lipstick. It brings your lips into focus.

mac viva glam lipstick

Do you want to have fuller looking lips? Apply a touch of vaseline to the middle of your lower lip to make them appear fuller.

sephora gloss lipstick

Your skin changes color with the seasons and amount of sunlight. Your makeup should change too to give you that natural look to your lipstick. Try peach in the summer to match your tanned look.

nvey eco organic lipstick

Beware of falling into patterns year after year of wearing the same lipstick. Dare to try something new and reinvigorate how you feel about yourself. It's all about you feeling good on the inside too.


Coordinated colors look great together. Match your nail polish with your lipstick makeup and your dress. It will be stunning.