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Eyeliner Makeup tips by Tanya!

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When applying eyeliner you should remember to always work from the inside out but never apply it to the outside as it will make your eyes smaller.

dior crayon eyeliner

Looking for a pronounced eyeliner makeup then you will want a liquid eyeliner. For a softer blended line try an eyeliner pencil and don't be afraid to smudge. Try experimenting with a liquid eyeliner for a dramatic look on the upper lid while using a softer subtle eyeliner pencil for the lower lid.


Classic eyeliner tips are to use darker colors for the top and softer colors below or not at all as the more pronounced the lower lid then the smaller your eyes will appear.


A good application of eyeliner is one where you use a quick sure stroke rather than a slow hesitant one. Sit down if need be and dont be afraid to steady your hand by having your elbow on the table..


Try to get a fine line as if you have a heavy line then you will appear worn out and tired. Apply as close to the eyelash as possible.


Avoid using eyeliner if your eyes are infected or if you are tired and always make sure your eyeliner brushes are clean.


Looking to try something new and exciting. Try using eye shadow for eyeliner and expand your choice of colors. Match your colors naturally with the color wheel.