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Blush Makeup tips!

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Japonesque blush brush

For a healthy aura to your look try putting some of your blush makeup on your earlobes for a inspiring glow.

mac 116 blush brush

There may have been a movie, A Man For All Seasons, but there certainly is not one makeup for all seasons. Be sure to adjust the colors of your makeup to match your changing seasonal skin tones.

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Soft and natural looking cheeks come from a light application of blush so that the radiance of the skin is accented and projected. Avoid using to much blush. The idea is to enhance your beautiful qualities not hide them. A light touch is never too much.

mac 129 blush

To be a blushing bride with a natural look to your blush there is a simple tip, go for a run and see what your natural shade is. Accenting the skin is about reinforcing your natural colorations.

quick blush

Looking to enhance your tan? Try a bronze blush to accent your features and bring out your highlights.

roseflower blush bodyshop

If you have oily skin then a powder blush is best though it works well on all types of skin. For drier skin I reccommend a cream blush with moisterizers.


Blush makeup should be matched with your lipstick for a natural look. Reds with pinks, pinks with pinks, browns with bronzes and of course apricot with peach.