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Concealer Makeup tips by Tanya!

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A concealer makeup tip for when you might be caught without any concealer. Check the cap of your foundation makeup as it may be just the right consistrancy to do the job.

mac studio sculpt concealer

Apply your concealer in layers remembering to blend in with each layer as you go.

mac select cover up concealer

To appear more natural when applying a concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes you should choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

mac studio finish concealer

A concealer is only meant for small areas to cover blemishes and dark circles. Never use a concealer as a full face application.

ultra-smooth liquid concealer

A light bluish concealer will hide the brown baggy look under the eyes while a yellowish concealer will cover up the blue circles. Know what colors will neutralize areas you want to tone down. Green concealer makeup is great for covering up red blotches and pimples.

revlon colorstay concealer

Oil based concealers will gravitate to your lines and draw attention to the cirlces under your eyes. This concealer makeup tip is to definitely avoid using them.

bodyshop pencil concealer

Make your concealer makeup application a daily routine to keep noticable lines and shadows to a minimum. People should see your naturally beautifull attributes.